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We are in process of executing several EPC contracts for corporate houses to fulfill their demand of setting up LNG stations and also helping them to convert their fleet of Trucks to LNG.

We provide a complete solution for LNG/CNG/LCNG systems, equipment, and overall also for storage, distribution, and regasification, etc.

The solutions provided are enriched by the expertise acquired and resources developed over years in executing the Projects.


Our retail station is set up at the customer’s location. All the engineering work related to the civil foundation right from the layout plan to the civil foundation is completely ready to use for CNG/LNG station.


Operation and maintenance (O&M) of all types of equipment, LNG/CNG station installation, and all associated facilities.


Operation and maintenance support including pump maintenance, static equipment, rotary equipment, tools & plants, PLC Scada, electrical maintenance, etc.


Technical & Technological Support will provide for the contracted period on your premises.


Retro-fitment of existing diesel/petrol vehicles with CNG/LNG kits. CNG/LNG kits approved by testing agencies, approved under CMVR 126 i.e ARAI/iCAT for respective engine model type.​


Vehicle Conversion of all types of vehicles from diesel/petrol to CNG/LNG such as cars, auto-rickshaws & short route buses into CNG were as long route buses or long haul trucks into LNG.


Our technical team will be made available at your location for conversion of diesel/petrol vehicle engines to run on CNG & LNG.


The company is empowered by a team of skilled Project Managers, Engineers, Planners, and Financial experts.


The company also has a dedicated in-house team for project implementation – from planning to execution, procurement to marketing, and logistics.


We will provide you with the best and approved technology equipment and software to run the station in easily and effortless manner.